What is Moola Market (MOO)?

MOO is Moola Market's own token. Moola Market itself lets you borrow and lend CELO-based cryptocurrency, which includes three stable coins. MOO is a "governance token", which is tech speak for giving holders voting rights. Any holder of MOO can suggest changes and improvements to the platform, and with enough votes, those will be implemented. This is like democracy for product decisions. And there is upside here for holders too: If Moola becomes more popular, and more people want to get involved, the demand for MOO rises and with that its price.
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If you are invested in the Celo ecosystem, or simply find stable coins interesting, Moola Market is solid product to get your feet wet with decentralized finance. You could play around with making interest by lending money on the network to get a hang for the idea. Keep in mind, like most DeFi sites, you'll still have to set up a compatible wallet (like Valora or Metamask) and fund it. The site can also be a little intimidating at first, as there are quite a few metrics to look at when making borrowing or lending decisions.

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What makes Moola Market special?
Moola Market is a powered by, uses to validate transactions, and is. Moola Market does not support.

Interesting facts about Moola Market

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Moola is built on the CELO blockchain, which has the goal to make financial transactions like these accessible for everyone.


When you borrow or lend on Moola Market, there is no middleman. Everything gets handled instantly on the blockchain.


Holders of the MOO get to vote on the future of the project.

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Moola Market
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Amazing project!


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What’s the community like?

Community matters for projects like Moola Market, because an active community drives the development of use cases for a blockchain project. The more people are active, the better to have healthy discussions and create something valuable.
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