What is Monero (XMR)?

Monero is a blockchain that, unlike Bitcoin, is actually anonymous. Compared to other so-called privacy coins, Monero does not offer the possibility to make public transactions, since every transaction is anonymous. The Ring Signature and the Stealth Addresses make this possible. The ring signature makes it impossible to find out which wallet a transaction comes from. The Stealth Addresses encrypt the recipient's address, which also prevents it from being traced. However, there is the possibility to provide a viewer key, which can be used to review the transaction history of a wallet.
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Our take on Monero

There is often a misconception that cryptocurrencies are generally annoymous. In fact, all transactions can be traced as for instance on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain. Once the owner of a wallet is known, the transactions history of a person is public. Monero is the solution to make cryptocurrencies anonymous again and makes this possible through its ring signature and stealh addresses. However, cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more regulated and being taken off exchanges. If this trend continues, the anonymity of cryptocurrencies is not a long-term vision that will survive regulation, so what makes Monero so special will be pointless.

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What makes Monero special?
Monero is a on its own, uses to validate transactions, and is. Monero does not support.

Interesting facts about Monero

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Stealth addresses are used to encrypt the recipient.


The ring signature encrypts the sender address of transactions because it shows many potential senders instead of just one.


Monero allows announoymus transactions.

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