What is eCash (XEC)?

eCash is a cryptocurrency that was built to be a simple way to pay for goods and services. The coin has a history in the Bitcoin blockchain and took the original code and idea of bitcoin, added a few evolutions to optimize for speed and security and became the eCash we have today. The team is focused on creating a blockchain that processes more transactions per second, makes transactions faster, and prevents another fork, or split, of the its blockchain.
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The Bitcoin blockchain has gone through a number of forks and iterations since its original creation. One of the off-shoots is eCash which was focused on making cryptocurrency as easy to understand as a real-world currency. One of the main things it is known for is making the denominations of the currency more human readable by doing away with the excessive decimal points. There is little large-scale innovation in eCash as compared to other projects.

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What makes eCash special?
eCash is a on its own, uses to validate transactions, and is. eCash also supports.

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eCash rewards its users for securing through a process called Staking.


eCash was created using the original Bitcoin blockchain, but went through a number of evolutions from forking.


eCash was created as a solution for immediate and fast payments for goods and services.

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5 mo. ago

Cryptohunt's opinion on this seems to be super biased, while criminally lacking real insight. Not only are there almost no crypto-projects that want to be a payment network, but the point that eCash has "little large scale innovation" is absolutely wrong by any statistic. eCash is the most scalable chain of any out there, the roadmap to 5million transactions per second is as sound as it is ambitious and the items are getting implemented steadily. The relatively small team is among the top ten in terms of commits on GitHub and we just dropped the Avalanche upgrade, easily one of the greatest innovations in this space. On top of all that we are not compromizing on trustlessness, find me another chain that actually can scale as far as eCash can, that is really trustless. there is literally zero. The ABC chain (now eCash) was always super scalable and the team delivered on their promises. With the Avalanche upgrade, the chain is more secure than BTC, transaction finalizations are faster than any other chain, up to instant finality in seconds and not only is it now ready for any type of extensions via subchains, but it also enables for staking rewards. It is a highly scalable, programmable, extensible, low-fee bitcoin with staking rewards and Cryptohunt calls it "not innovative" and "not standing out against its non-existent competition". It could be more unjustified. I urge everyone to read up on eCash, its features, its development team and what this chain does. It is a legitimate Bitcoin after all. There is much more to it, than all these other altcoins could ever claim for themselves. Easily one of (if not the) most secure, most scalable, most extensible, trustless chains out there.


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